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The works

What is it?

A killer landing page planned out and written for you by someone who has worked with over a hundred Fortune-500 brands, global and local NGOs, small businesses and startups, and solo entrepreneurs. 

Is it for me?

It is, if you:

- have been doing your thang for at least a few months or have had 3+ clients and can answer questions about your industry, your working process, and your strengths.

- aren’t bad at what you do. (you know what they say about the fastest way to kill a shit product.)
- can answer ‘why do you do it?’ with anything other than ‘it pays the bills.’

- do a great job, but a less great job of selling it to good clients with healthy budgets.

- don't feel all that excited when you send people to your website

- want to be paid for being yourself and doing what you love.

Quick note: If your work has to do with spiritual healing, homeopathy and similar fields, this might not be the best match, because I don't think I'll do a very persuasive job. 🤷🏻‍♀️

How does it work?

  1. You send me some words.

  2. I reply with more words which hopefully include a 'yes.' (I only take on a project if I believe I'm the best person for it)

  3. We meet up (online) for a 2-hour strategy session where I ask you all about your work, process, clients, fees, goals, joys and headaches. Together we blow up and rebuild all of the above — in a way that turns you from a commodity into a one-of-a-kind professional who gets to work in a healthier, happier, more profitable way.

  4. I retreat into my strategy cave and re-emerge with your personal world domination plan, from the way to position you (as in, present you and your business to the world) to how to get you in front of the exact right crowd. You help me pick small critters out of my hair and agree to the plan, with or without tweaks. 

  5. I plan out your landing page structure (we can use the word wireframe, if you’re that much of a nerd).

  6. Once we’re both happy with the structure, I write all of your website copy, from headlines and calls to action to the Error 404 message — up to 2,500 words, which is plenty, believe me.


The final step is for you. It isn’t part of the package — but it needs saying. You take the wireframe and the copy to a web designer/friend-who-codes/yourself (if you’re okay working with one of the brilliant new build-it-yourself platforms like Squarespace or Wix). And just like that, you have a landing page that lands great clients, instead of some generic, boring, templated website that neither excites nor persuades.

'Do you have a mic you can drop? Your copy MADE my site. Everyone is complimenting it.'

— Khori Walker-John
life coach


'It's not often I'm blown away by the quality of work someone provides, but Olga did it. After a strategic session of only 2 hours, she wowed me with the copy for my new website. Copy that perfectly reflects who I am, what I do and what value I bring. What more can I say? She really is a wizard with words.'

— Dominique Meert
legal information designer, The Visual Lawyer


'I LOVE THE COPY. The way you talk sweeps people off their feet like a capoeira move.'

— Marco Ammannati
creative director


Let's do it.

Drop me a line or ten, and I'll take it from there.

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