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Tips and ideas for working on your own terms.
rom my brain straight to your inbox. 

(It's a newsletter people actually look forward to, or so they tell me.) 


Reason behind my newsletter: I consume too much useful info for one person. So I share it with fellow entrepreneurs — by writing emails about personal branding, creative problem-solving, non-sleazy self-promotion, and cool business ideas.


Basically, I share the best stuff I learn, so you don't have to spend the stoopid amount of time and money I do on books, courses and podcasts.

Expect strategy tips, zero-cheese motivation, writing hacks, actionable advice and other insider know-how to help you get paid for being yourself. There may also be animal facts (did you now rats can giggle?).

I'm too lazy to spam, won't ever sell your address, and won't take it personally if you decide to unsubscribe.
(that last bit is a lie. Unsubscribers, you're dead to me.)

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