My website was a waste of time and money.
Now it brings in my best clients.

If you’re a service provider, you know the drill: if you’re not online, you basically don’t exist.

So you hire a designer and maybe even some ‘SEO guru’ off a freelancer website and also write some copy for it (cringing every time you have to say anything good about yourself and your service, because it feels sleazy as hell).


And then… nothing. 

When people ask you if you have a site, you give them the link, secretly hoping they won’t go there.

Because it’s nothing to write home about, you’re not proud of it, and deep down you suspect that it’s as much fun to read as it was to make (zero. zilch. Less fun than vacuum-cleaning, because at least with that you can picture yourself as an almighty deity wiping out an entire civilisation of dust mites. Which is kinda what you are doing when you vacuum-clean, by the way. Don’t google that: you’ll never feel comfortable around carpets again, plus we’ve got work to do.)

sad website.png

So, back to
that sad website. 

Officially, it is now ‘live’, although in all truthfulness it just sits there like an elderly cocker spaniel outside a café, not bringing in any clients but hoping that someone will come and pet it. But no one does, because it’s just too sad-eyed and depressing. Plus it farts. (the spaniel, not your site)


What a waste of time, money and brain cells. 

But the thing is, turning a sad website into a brilliant one is SO. DAMN. EASY.

And it’s nothing to do with fancy design, mobile optimisation, SEO keywords, or whatever else is the latest must-have. (These things help, but they are worth nothing on their own)

It’s do do with basic psychology. And it’s so simple that anyone can do it. You’ll see that once you’ve gone through this short, no-nonsense guide.


Before I start listing what you can expect from it, let me just quickly address your highly probably question of… 


‘Who the hell is writing this, and why should I care?’


Hi, I’m Olga Pope.

I’m a branding consultant and copywriter who has been lucky enough to work with 100+ organisations from The UN and Met Police to LEGO and IKEA.  When I’m not solving problems and rearranging the alphabet for those guys, I teach personal branding to solo entrepreneurs — because I get off on helping people who get off on what they do. 


The guide you’re about to open is based on everything I’ve learned in a decade of working with global brands, startups, and self-employed badasses. These are the exact same things I do for my clients AND myself (because I’m a self-employed service provider, too)  — so I know this stuff works.


I just wish someone (Olga from the future?) had given me all this info 10 years ago. 


What’s inside? 

A simple-to-follow, zero-BS action plan for turning your website into a dream-client-persuading machine.


You’ll learn how to fix 7 of the most common problems I see on solo entrepreneurs’ websites. Here, by entrepreneurs I specifically mean self-employed people providing a service: psychologists and psychotherapists, consultants, physical trainers, coaches, lawyers, financial advisors, and anyone else doing face-to-face client work.

These are the things that people desperately want to see on your site, but don’t. Cue closed tabs and zero enquiries — or hordes of time-wasters and people with champagne taste on a beer budget.

from meh freebie mockup.png

Do the work,
reap the results. 

Once you’ve fixed the 7 things I cover in this guide, your website will:

  • Be different from every other site in your industry, instead of drowning in a Sea of Sameness.

  • Build trust and respect in potential clients right off the bat. 

  • Filter out the wrong crowd: time wasters, cheapskates, and other [insert favourite derogatory term] that waste your time which you could have spent on clients who respect your work, pay on time and recommend you to others.

  • Help you build an audience that wants to hear what you have to say, and eventually to throw money at you.

  • Become a joy for you to write and update.

  • Give you an edge over those pesky rivals — one that they can’t steal even if they try.


And you don’t need to be a design whiz or coding ninja.


Enter your details below, and my guide will land in your inbox before you can say ‘dust mite’. 

(Oops. Didn’t mean to remind you. Remember, no googling — for your sanity’s sake.)


Have fun — and give me a shout if you need any help.

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