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Wanna talk? Let's do it.

You want to read my 'About me'?! Aww. I like you already.

You know that feeling when you finally realise what you get off on? You must do, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this site. Well — it took me a while to figure out that I get off on these three things:

1) solving problems
2) writing
3) helping people who want to get somewhere, get there

(but more like a mentor than an Uber driver, because I still can’t drive, dammit). 

Until I started We Need to Talk About You, I was mostly doing the first two: I worked in advertising, creating campaigns for ginormous brands. That job was in equal parts fun (because I worked with some amazing people) and soul-destroying (because advertising). I chose my soul and quit. And I've no regrets, because thosee years gave me a pretty unusual skill combo: strategy, writing, mentoring, and an ability to sniff out BS.

Now I can choose who to work with — thank god! — doing the kinds of things I'd even do for free. And I'm the only one who has to sign off on my own copy — so I can swear whenever I feel like it.
If we work together, we’ll make sure you can do this kinda shit, too.


In case you like lists, facts, or both.

Here are 8 hand-picked facts about me, including a foolproof method to piss me off:

💬 Don’t tell anyone, but English ain’t my first language — Russian is. I only moved to England at 21, and the main reason I CAN WORDS is an obscure indie band called The Beatles, who I’ve been obsessed with since the age of 8. (the best one is obvs George)

💊 I had cancer at 15. If I could go back in time, I’d still choose to have it, because it really sorted out my priorities: brutally, but efficiently. I'm not a fan of the word ‘survivor’, though, because to me that’s someone who gets washed up on the shore and spends the next three days picking marine life out of their hair. Long story short: I’m all good now, and have decided to never have cancer again.

🦠 The proudest moment of my Big Ad Agency career was rapping in front of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. The lyrics featured Ebola. 
No, I didn’t get fired. 

🎙 The coolest moment of that career, by far, was recording a voiceover with Jarvis Cocker (here's a proofpic). Jarvis, in case you’re reading this: anything for you is on the house.

‼️ I’ve got two spleens. I still hope to save a life by donating one of them one day. But it might be a gerbil or very small cat’s life, because my additional spleen is just 1.5cm in diameter.

☃️ ​I grew up in the Arctic Circle, in Murmansk. Every winter the sun doesn’t rise for over a month, and in the summer you get 60 days of permanent daylight. That’s my excuse for being a bit odd. That and getting weird UV baths as a kid.

🧃 If you want to annoy me, the phrase ‘get your creative juices flowing’ will do the trick every time. ‘Meat juices’ works, too. Fruit juices are the only juices I will tolerate in the plural.

🍎 I can crack open apples with my bare hands. Keep that in mind in case you decide to test fact #7.

Get rich! Find love! Look chic! Learn Greek! Get all of this and more from my newsletter. It's the kind of newsletter people actually look forward to, or so they tell me.

Okay, the love/chic/Greek thing may be a stretch, but getting richer is a distinct possiblity. I write short-ish emails on the subject of personal branding and strategy for entrepreneurs. Basically, I share the stuff I learn, so you don't have to spend the stoopid amount of time and money I do on books, courses and podcasts.

Expect strategy tips, non-cheesy motivation, writing hacks, actionable advice and other insider know-how to help you get paid for being yourself. There may also be animal facts (did you now rats can giggle?).

I never spam, won't sell your address, and won't take it personally if you decide to unsubscribe.
(that last bit is a lie. Unsubscribers, you're dead to me.)


Official bio

Olga Pope could be described as a personal branding mentor if she didn't hate the term so much. After spending nearly a decade working with global brands, she now helps entrepreneurs get as personal as they are professional, because it's the best thing they can do for their business.


Olga's approach is a mix of brand strategy, business coaching, copywriting, and ranting.

She has done work for:

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